Yesterday in Auckland

Yesterday in Auckland

There were a couple of major summer events yesterday in Auckland. We had a great day attending the Kumeu Show. It’s an Agricultural & Pastoral Show held in March every year. Auckland’s summer has continued to flourish although the paddocks are now wizened masses of dead, yellow ‘straw’, where once was lush grass. Being with grandchildren at the show made the trudging through smelly sheds of sheep, goats, cattle beasts, alpacas, hens etc all worthwhile again – these places had been avoided by us for some years – as the kids oohed and ahhed at various exhibits and their competition ribbons. Despite the various odours the sheds also provided a welcome respite from the sun. On entering the showgrounds, I’d suggested to daughter and son-in-law they take photos of their two little ones. (The first of numerous times I ‘lost’ my daughter was at a previous Kumeu show. The only thing I could remember in my panic was that she’d been wearing pink gumboots.) Expecting them to laugh at me, I was most relieved to have them line up the two toddlers for a quick snap of their phone. What an easy and simple way nowadays for parents to ‘remember’ what little ones are wearing etc if they do get ‘misplaced’ among the crowds. And I’m a great believer in Murphy’s Law. If one is prepared, then the worst is more likely not to happen.

It was a lovely time although the heat did affect the kids enjoyment as the day wore on. Luckily Mr 18 month old fell asleep for a while, and Miss 3 yr old was distracted with the purchase of a pretty little cotton dress (which she immediately had to put on – a wise move as she’d chosen (against all arguments from her mother) to wear a long sleeved polyester top which she must have been cooking in. A ride with Nana on the merry go round also distracted her from the tiredness she was beginning to feel.

It did strike me a couple of times during the day that this is an ideal location to have some characters visit in one of my stories. I hadn’t thought of it before then. It would fit my attempts to promote New Zealand as I’m sure our A&P shows are different from elsewhere in the world. Hmm, it’s just to come up with a great storyline to include it. Perhaps they’d be showing some of their prize animals, or touting for trade in one of the many displays tents. Or they could just be like us, visiting and enjoying the scenes and sounds of thousands of people out for the day with family. I don’t know. But it’s now been added to my little list of sights and sounds to include in a story.

Yesterday also welcomed another major summer event in Auckland’s calendar. It was the annual “Round the Bays” fun run – as featured with Shal and Jodie in “Wilderness Liaison”. Although it’s held early in the day, it must have been a scorcher to be running amidst 70,000 odd people. Some of the ‘outfits’ worn might have caused more than a little heat exhaustion, too. Years ago my husband joined others from his Kendo club to complete the run in full Kendo kit. Phew, rather them than me. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Its a great charity event that Auckland can be proud of.

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