Yesterday I enjoyed lurking on a “signature block” workshop

Yesterday I enjoyed lurking on a “signature block” workshop. I discovered I’m not the only person who finds mile-long signature blocks a pain in the butt. Short, precise and not more than 4 lines long seemed to be the consensus. Now to develop my own to so it works to my best advantage.
I received a lovely email this morning from another “Sweet” writer Cindy Christensen, offering advice, support and friendship. What a great group of people romance writers are. What great friendships stand to be developed between people from every walk of life, and for me, with people half a world away. I’ve linked Cindy’s website because she has some great promotional suggestions. Check it out and have a look at her numerous books. Here’s a chance to find another great author to follow.
I’m off now to check how my son did in his national Maths examination.

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