Writing Tips For Budding Writers

Writing Tips for Budding Writers

Please keep in mind, while this writing advice for budding writers has been successful for the people I have coached, I do not offer any guarantees. I merely hope it might help stoke the fire burning within and get you started on a writing journey.

I’m assuming part of your dream of being a writer is publication. Whether you’re thinking of main stream or self publishing it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research before you begin writing.

Check out the publishers of stories you like. What are they buying? (Often publishers will put out a call for certain genres). What are their requirements for submissions? Can you see yourself/your story being able to meet these requirements?

I’m not too up-to-date with self publishing, but I’m aware there are a lot of options available to writers wanting to take this route. Investigate some of them, check their prices, the projected returns, etc.

The popularity of fiction appears to go in cycles. Today historical might be the most popular, tomorrow its fantasy. There appears no real way of telling where our selected genre might end up but it is worth doing a little research. Within the romance genre paranormal has been riding a wave for a few years now, but I believe there are predictions it is slowly losing traction. Whether it is the ‘death’ of TV shows like “Friends” and “Sex in the City” which has caused the quick decline of chick-lit as a sub-genre is anybody’s guess. If you’re struggling to decide where your passion lies perhaps knowing some of these little pointers might help you make a decision.

Don’t be disillusioned if your genre doesn’t reign high on the current wave of popularity. No matter where it sits on this ‘popularity cycle’ there is always a readership for well crafted, well presented stories. Your goal should always be to produce the best story you can, not worry unduly about current trends. The time lapse between signing of a contract and holding the book in your hand is usually at least 18 months and often much longer. Trends can do abrupt turnarounds in that type of time frame.

Your research into the publishing world is for your own understanding of how things work, and what options you’ll have when you’re ready to consider submission. There is no need to spend days doing this research right now, but I recommend you do spend some time acquainting yourself with the industry you’re considering being a part of.

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