Welcome To Our New Prince

Our New Prince

Welcome to our new prince. How wonderful, how romantic. It’s not every day we get to welcome a new prince into our lives. How lovely the little one has arrived safely and we assume both he and his mother are in good health. Of course now this wait is over, we see bets and wagers going on as to whatever names he might be given. There’s sure to be more than one, or two, or even three. And probably whatever he’s officially christened with will have little bearing on what he is actually called by his family, friends and loved ones.

The birth of a child is surely the most blessed event for a couple. As our whole lives shift and change to revolve around this helpless little thing, how many of us realise we will never be the same again. We can never go back to the carefree days where we got to choose so much. Once a baby arrives, most of those choices are taken from us. But one trusting look as they gaze up at you is enough to melt the hardest heart and make one realise it doesnt really matter what you might be missing out on. You’ve got something so much more precious instead.

On the day he was born, a friend (Clare Scott) saw this amazing “rainbow”. She suggested it was a great tribute, I agree. Thanks Clare for agreeing to my publishing it.

Here’s wishing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joy and happiness with their new little boy. May he keep them close, may he cement the monarchy still further in our hearts and may he grow up to be a credit to his family.


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