Today signifies the real beginning of my career as a writer

Today signifies the real beginning of my career as a writer. Almost two weeks earlier than expected my book “Worlds Apart” is now available for purchase through The Wild Rose Press. I can only say great things about this publishing house. They have done everything they said they would do even quicker than anticipated, as well as giving me the best possible editor to work with.
I hope you’ll enjoy reading Raven’s story, its a little different because I’ve weaved in not only the slight cultural and language differences which exist between New Zealand and America, but also the spelling. After many, often hilarious emails floating back and forth between Maggie and myself, we’ve managed to isolate the quirky variances between the two countries and place them into my story. When you’re reading, can you identify each character’s point of view by the changes in spelling? Raven always uses kiwi spellings while Greg has a definite US accent. How many might be wondering about the “mistakes” they find as they read? Don’t worry, they’re not mistakes but very carefully monitored spelling differences. It was my editor’s suggestion to do this and I applaud her for coming up with the idea. I know it took extra time and effort on her part as well as some explaining to the printers etc who also voiced their concerns about these “errors”. My heartfelt thanks go out to Maggie for her great idea and all the extra effort she went to on my behalf.

Go to my “books” page to read the back blurb and an excerpt of “Worlds Apart” or order your copy here:

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