The down side of joining social media sites

There is definitely a down side to joining a mass of social network sites. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to access those sites for a few days, you either have to accept that you may have missed some vital information which would have been very useful to you, or if you’re pedantic like I’m being right now, you don’t notice the whole day slipping passed without anything constructive being down because you are checking back over every last post. Just in case. I’m trying to convince myself this is a crazy waste of time but what if? what if there is a post that could change my life? It could be the catalyst to me joining the ranks of the rich and famous. It could set me on my way to becoming a multi-mega producing writer with millions of fans clamouring for my every book. It could launch me into stardom.

Yeah right!

On a more realistic note, I continue to procrastinate with my WIP. My poor hero struggles to see the light of day, but thankfully, some more snippets of ideas are beginning to smoulder on the back burner. Soon Justin’s story will emerge in the written word. Leaving the social media to get on with its own life would help tremendously.

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