Testes Size Affects Parenting Skills

Testes Size

Would I be a true romance writer if I allowed today’s “big news” to go by without some comment? Suddenly the size of a man’s testicles is hitting the airwaves as a huge discussion point. Could it be true? Could the size of a man’s testes really affect his interest/ability to be a good father? Research released today seems to suggest this is the case i.e. the smaller the testes – the better the parenting. Although they do also qualify their research results. The question floating around inside my head, are women going to be checking out a prospective partner’s testes size before considering parenting with a man? Hmm, that doesn’t sound too likely to me, however, I could be wrong. I have to smile. I figure its just as well I write sweet romance, otherwise would I have to start describing in a little more detail the male’s “attributes” especially if parenting is part of the romance story? The mind boggles.

The article appears in numerous papers, but here are a couple, if you haven’t already heard/read about this new research – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/the-smaller-the-better-size-of-a-mans-testicles-is-linked-to-his-parenting-skills-8805576.html or you could try this report http://life.nationalpost.com/2013/09/10/smaller-testicle-size-in-fathers-linked-to-more-active-parenting-u-s-study/

I love that the male news readers on our television this morning all had such difficulty keeping straight faces while reporting the results of the research. I’m sure I caught a few blushes as their female co-hosts were making the most of it and trying to worm out of the guys whether they thought they were “good fathers” or not. Hours later on further live “chat” shows, I caught further discussion where the males were decidedly uncomfortable. Talk about squirming. It does suggest to me their reluctance to divulge any hint of size in their nether regions, even at the suggestion their parenting skills might be extraordinary. Somehow I don’t see this changing any time soon.

With the smaller testes suggesting better parenting skills in a man versus the age old concern regarding length and girth, will women see things differently when looking at the size of a man’s “total” package in the future??

Will they still be looking at the so called “short term benefits”? – or the “longer term gains”?

What do you think?


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  1. Hey Tony, thanks for stopping by. Exactly, but do we wonder, are they big or small? Is there a medium size I wonder?