Setting For Next Romance?

Debating Settings This morning I have wasted time trying to think of something interesting to post on this site. While I intend to continue with sharing memories of my mother’s life once a week, I also feel the need to have some purely “writing” posts which might interest or help any of my readers who may not wish to follow the meanderings from my family tree. My mind remained a blank for most of the morning. But I’ve struck an … Continue reading

Memories – A Daughter’s Prospective

Merville’s Memories This week my amazing mother celebrated her 101st birthday. For over twenty years I have dreaded having to say farewell to Mum after a visit. Living so far away from her I have always been afraid each goodbye could be the last. That hug, that kiss, they could be my permanent farewell to someone I have tried (and probably failed in most part) to emulate my whole life. We are so blessed to still have her with us. … Continue reading

Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change While some attitudes change in our society as the years pass, other things never change. A recent newspaper article (Lexi Finnigan NZ Herald) suggested the friendly rivalry often present in the friendship between young men existed just as strongly centuries ago as it does today. I see this as an indication of the often crazy rivalry between men – their concern about size and ability and performance – has little to do with what era we … Continue reading

Interesting Authors To Read

Are you looking for interesting authors? Have you ever started reading a book so far away from your normal genre and then been unable to put it down? Become so captivated with a new, interesting author you’d rather keep reading their story than sleep? I never read any fiction that isn’t contemporary romance. Well virtually never. Perhaps if I was locked in a room with a bunch of books but no romance stories I might cave in and begin reading … Continue reading

RWNZ Conference 2014 Through My Eyes

RWNZ (Romance Writers of New Zealand)Conference Last weekend I attended the annual RWNZ Conference. For one reason or another I had missed the last couple of years but had been looking forward to another weekend of total immersion in the writing craft. I was not disappointed. The worst thing about a conference where numerous workshops are held simultaneously is that you must miss some workshops that you would have liked to attend. This was the case last weekend, so I … Continue reading