Writing Rewards

Writing Rewards Writing rewards come in different guises. If a writer is lucky, some of those guises might include contracts from publishers, and those lovely royalty payouts, but there are other rewards. Apart from those aforementioned contracts, for me the next biggest reward is probably finishing a story. But completing a tricky scene, or having a epitome of how I can get out of the sagging middle of a story also bring their own rewards. I always feel really chuffed … Continue reading

The Story Of “Worlds Collide”

Why The Title “Worlds Collide”? Its time to do a little more blatant publicising of my latest release “Worlds Collide”. I usually struggle with my book titles, struggle badly in some cases – just ask my editor – but with this story the title came to me very early. I wanted to ensure readers would realise this story was connected with my first book “Worlds Apart” but I was initially uncertain how I could achieve this. When I hit upon … Continue reading

Visiting Southland

Southland Will Always Be Home I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Southland, New Zealand’s southern most province. My mother and extended family live down there and the area will always be “home” to me, no matter where I actually live. I’m not sure if its weird or unusual to feel such close ties to somewhere I left over 40 years ago and where I’ll never live again, but there you are, I’m stuck with being a … Continue reading

Why Clean Romance

Why Do I Chose To Write Clean Romance? When I first started out writing seriously I was asked a question. What do you like to read? That was easy to answer. I like contemporary romance. I read little else. But I was asked to dig a little deeper and came up with three different words which apparently describe the same romance sub-genre, sweet, traditional, clean. As so many of us are at the beginning of our writing journey, I was … Continue reading


What to do with reviews – good, bad and indifferent. Recently I was asked what I do about my reviews, how do I deal with ones that aren’t so great? Reviews are the life blood of a writer and as I recently posted on my Facebook page, I’m badly in need of a transfusion right now. I am concerned with the lack of any reviews for my latest release “Worlds Collide” and am asking anyone who has read it to … Continue reading


Is Every Writer A Wordsmith? According to the dictionary I have on my desk – a Cassell Concise Dictionary – the meaning of “wordsmith” is described as “a person skilled in the use of words, esp a writer”. I decided to check a definition as I wanted to add a little extra to my last post about the use of language in some writing. Then I realised one definition isn’t enough, I needed to be sure what I thought ‘wordsmith’ … Continue reading

“Worlds Collide” Setting

My Reasons For Worlds Collide Setting Why is “Worlds Collide” setting principally in Alexandria rather than New Zealand? I want to stay true to my pledge to include something of New Zealand in every one of my stories. But using a secondary character from a previous story (Worlds Apart) meant I really didn’t have any choice about where I was going to set Justin’s story. Some of it at least, had to be centred around Washington DC. Getting access to … Continue reading

How I Began Writing Pt3

My Writing Begins It was quite easy to divide my life into acts as Joanne Guidoccio requested for her blog. As far as my writing went, there were distinct time periods which contributed to my ability to write a decent yarn. The final of these 3 acts actually explains finding the courage to pursue my long held dream of writing a book. What I consider to be my Act Three began some years and two more children later. My eldest, … Continue reading

Keywords And Romance Writing

Keywords for Romance Writing This morning I spied an article about keywords and then ended up spending a couple of hours researching the internet for how to make optimum use of keywords in my blog posts to attract better SEO results. I do analysis my posts and try to ensure they do have a fair chance of attracting attention but its always interesting to hear of updated suggestions. While I might have been doing what I was advised by the … Continue reading

New Romance Book

My New Romance Book Is Now Available Great news! My new romance book “Worlds Collide” has been released earlier than expected. At this stage only the print version is available via my publishers The Wild Rose Press, but I understand Amazon will also have it available within the next few days. The digital version will be available as from 15 July. I’m very excited to know my readers will soon be delving into the lives of Justin and Nicole, and … Continue reading