Reviews Are Essential For Any Writer

I’m Always Looking For Reviews Reviews are as essential for a writer as grass is to a dairy cow. (Yes, I know in some countries cows are feed other “stuff”, but here in New Zealand, they mostly live on grass.) Without reviews we can slip into obscurity – not a place any writer wants to be. But with the help from our readers posting reviews of our stories, we can fly in the face of whatever (writing) adversity might come … Continue reading


What to do with reviews – good, bad and indifferent. Recently I was asked what I do about my reviews, how do I deal with ones that aren’t so great? Reviews are the life blood of a writer and as I recently posted on my Facebook page, I’m badly in need of a transfusion right now. I am concerned with the lack of any reviews for my latest release “Worlds Collide” and am asking anyone who has read it to … Continue reading