Farewell Dear Friend

I recently said farewell to a dear friend. It wasn’t easy. Rather than wait for the celebration of her life, I needed to say my farewells in a little more privacy. So my family and I visited her at the Funeral Home. How calm and peaceful these places are. But its peace did not help very much. As I held her hand and mourned her passing, most importantly, rolling around inside my head was such sadness at knowing I’ll never … Continue reading


  How important are our memories? No, not our ability to remember – I know this becomes an issue with the passing of years – I’m talking about all those precious memories stored up inside each and every one of us. Some will be exciting, happy, bubbling, while others will be filled with other emotions, sadness, loneliness, perhaps ever fear. But I think our survival instinct allows us to hold tight to the good memories and often lets us put … Continue reading

A Genealogy Question – Go Back Or Go Forward To Meet Your Family Members??

If you had an option, would you wish to go back or go forward to meet your family members – your ancestors/descendants? I know its an unrealistic theory but lets just play at manipulating time. Which would you want to do? What would appeal most? To go back or go forward to meet your family members – your ancestors or your descendants? I recently came up with this question and it took some time to decide which way I would … Continue reading

Fascinating Genealogy

Fascinating Genealogy For years I’ve been fascinated by the study of genealogy. I guess its mainly been with regard to my own family’s history. I loved listening to the stories my mother shared with us. Her story-telling and sense of humour often had us in tears of laughter as she regaled tales from long ago. I grew up knowing so much about my ancestors. Even though they were only names, they filled a big part of me knowing who I … Continue reading

Like Minded People

RNZN Provides Like Minded People Too Outside your family and immediate circle of close friends, do you sometimes struggle to feel connected to others? To find a link which immediately unites you with some sort of bond? When I talk or think about like minded people nowadays, I think of writers. Ones I know personally, social media friends or just writers whose work I’ve enjoyed, these are the people on my wave length.  Apart from my family and all the … Continue reading

Women’s Service From WRNZNS To RNZN

Women’s Service WRNZNS To RNZN 1942-2017 There is a wealth of history to be recorded of women’s service in the New Zealand navy. I have neglected my romance writing to enable us to capture some of that history in a book of memories. From July 1942 until today in 2017 thousands of woman have taken the pledge to serve King (Queen) and country. With contributions from some of these women, the Royal New Zealand Naval Women’s Association is publishing a … Continue reading


Merville’s Memories “Our Robertson grandmother (Janet nee Sutherland, born Clyth c 1853) died 9 August 1923 and in November we shifted to Winton to live on the farm at Gap Road. Our father was given a half share in the farm so it must have had something to do with Grandma. “I remember going on the dray and draught horse and stopping by the Makarewa river near Sprlnghills to have lunch. Jim, John and I were left at our grandfather’s … Continue reading


Tackling Those Memories I got word from my brother this week suggesting that while he’ll enjoy reading whatever I write about our mother, he’s wondering if I’m going to be able to sustain this part of my blog over a long period of time. After my initial reaction of – you gotta be kidding, of course I’m going to keep it up – came the realisation he probably knows me too well. He definitely knows how much of a procrastinator … Continue reading

Memories – A Daughter’s Prospective

Merville’s Memories This week my amazing mother celebrated her 101st birthday. For over twenty years I have dreaded having to say farewell to Mum after a visit. Living so far away from her I have always been afraid each goodbye could be the last. That hug, that kiss, they could be my permanent farewell to someone I have tried (and probably failed in most part) to emulate my whole life. We are so blessed to still have her with us. … Continue reading