Southland’s Summer

Southland’s summer has turned out to be fantastic. Of course I wouldn’t have expected anything less than beautiful blue skies. I had to laugh at the comment made by one of my young relatives when I mentioned my satisfaction at sharing Southland’s glorious summer with the world. In all seriousness she told me, “Don’t say too much, we don’t need too many more people shifting down here.” What an intuitive young lady she is. We have been so very fortunate … Continue reading

Christmas Preparations

Christmas Preparations Kiwi Style Christmas is fast approaching. Do you celebrate this day? What do you (and your family) do? This is how my family would typically celebrate Christmas. New Zealand Christmas preparations are likely to be a little different to those from the Northern Hemisphere. Our summer season is obviously the biggest variance. Our schools close down for much of December and all of January.  Many of our businesses also close down over Christmas and New Year. Many kiwis … Continue reading