Mataura River Is My River

The Mataura River is my river or as part of a Maori greeting “Ko taku awa te mataura”. Before addressing anyone in Maori – in a formal setting – one should introduce oneself by giving a rundown of ones ancestry. So my greeting includes the Mataura river as Mataura is my birthplace. I don’t feel as much affinity with Mataura as I do for Colac Bay (where I spent most of my childhood). However I do feel a certain sense … Continue reading

Central Otago – A Quick Visit

Central Otago is one of the most picturesque areas of New Zealand. Whatever time of year, there are places that will steal your breath away because they are so beautiful. Our arrival in Central Otago was the first chance to share some time with extended family. We were very happy to join a niece and her daughter for a joint celebratory birthday dinner in Clyde. Our restful day in Alexandra was most welcome after the busy week on the lower … Continue reading