How I Began Writing Pt3

My Writing Begins It was quite easy to divide my life into acts as Joanne Guidoccio requested for her blog. As far as my writing went, there were distinct time periods which contributed to my ability to write a decent yarn. The final of these 3 acts actually explains finding the courage to pursue my long held dream of writing a book. What I consider to be my Act Three began some years and two more children later. My eldest, … Continue reading

Writing Tips For Budding Writers

Advice for Budding Romance Writers Do you have stories inside your head? Stories you’d love to share but don’t know how? Perhaps I can help you. But please keep in mind, while these writing tips for budding writers have been successful for the people I have coached, I do not offer any guarantees they will do more than get you started on a writing journey. The first thing I ask a budding romance writer is to chose whether they are … Continue reading