Summer’s Here

Summer’s Here

Hi, I only have to look around to see summer’s here. Any remaining citrus fruit has disappeared from the trees, ably assisted by the tuis and kereru. The plums are beginning to develop, the grapes are shooting again, even before we’ve managed to replace a couple of broken supports for them to twine themselves around. ‘The trees are all decked out with new growth colouring the section differing shades of green.

The pool is ready, the deck chairs are out of hiding and we’ve stocked up on sun screen lotions. Warnings are broadcast daily of danger hours in the sun. After months of urging kids to get outside into the fresh air, now we’re dragging them in to play video games and watch television during the heat of the day. But I love the summer. I love the months of daylight saving when we have hours in the evening to potter around outside if we choose. The weekend sounds and smells of newly mown grass and meat sizzling on the barbeque add to the beginning of the best time of year.

While I refuse to yet consider that with summer comes Christmas I know that angst-filled time for me is also fast approaching. Present buying is not something that comes easy to me. Oh, the buying of presents is relatively simple, once the brain comes up with ideas of what to actually buy. I envy people who have ideas for unique gifts for any age group. I’d love for someone to tell me where to plug into the “unique gift” power source so I could become one of these people. I figure I must be an imaginative person, I’m a romance writer after all, and any fiction writer must have some imagination.

Last year was the best Christmas I’ve experienced in years I reckon. Because of extended family commitments we decided to have “our Christmas” celebration in mid December. How great it was. While the hype on radio and television continued the countdown to 25th, and everyone around became more and more stressed as they organised presents and food supplies, I sat back completely relaxed. My shopping and cooking and planning had all been done and was over with.

What happened to me this year? Why didn’t I come up with some excuse to do the same again? I was too slow. Now as December is here in full force I have hardly anything planned for 25th. I’m back to being one of the thousands who stress and worry and whine about not being organised. Unfortunately I have no one to blame but myself.

I guess there won’t be too many complaints. Anyone who turns up on the day will get feed and watered. They receive gifts, they’ll spend time with those who love them, and hopefully we’ll all have a great time lounging around the pool doing as little as possible.

Maybe next year I will organise myself a little better – yeah right! In my dreams!

Here’s hoping for a long, sunny summer free from any natural disasters that often seem to plague this time of year.

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