So Proud Of The Highlanders

“Go The Highlanders” I Yelled, And They Did!

Good morning to any of my American readers, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy 4th of July. I trust you’re all enjoying the many and varied celebrations happening around your area. Have an awesome day.

Some of us here in New Zealand are celebrating too. Its a great time for anyone with ties to the southern region of New Zealand. Last night the Highlanders rugby team held aloft the Super 15 trophy to prove that for this season they were the best team in the fifteen team competition. The South African teams exited the competition in the quarter finals and Australian teams both lost their semi-final matches to New Zealand last weekend.

The teams from the lower part of the North Island (the Hurricanes, definitely the favoured team with home ground advantage), and the lower part of the South Island (the Highlanders) clashed in what must be the game of the year – so far.

2772We – I have to align myself to the southern boys – were the rank outsider all season.  Not expected to achieve much, we showed them! With no All Blacks in our forward pack they managed to suggest the selectors might like to consider looking a little closer at their ability.

Yesterday I couldn’t access the Highlanders song on line. This morning it is top of the picks as I type “Highlanders win” into the search engine.

Determination and a belief in themselves, when others were quick to dismiss their chances, the Highlanders played their hearts out last night. Boy, am I proud to call myself a Southlander right now.


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