So Many To Thank

We have so many to thank as we ease back a little on lock down. Its been a harrowing four weeks for many. But we mustn’t forget all those who continued to provide essential services while others struggled to stay within their little bubbles. Those workers struggle had to be worse. Some made difficult decisions. For example, leaving their families so they could care for the less able during isolation. Or isolating themselves away from family so they could ensure any chance of infection could not be spread.

When I think of the many to thank, my thoughts go automatically to the front line medical staff. While they are by no means the only group providing for our essential needs, they are the ones I came to appreciate on a very personal level.

Last week, after feeling unwell for a couple of days, my husband took the televised advice of our Director General of Health, if you’re sick get medical attention. We headed to our local hospital.

Two masked staff members met us at the door and questioned us before allowing only the patient into the emergency room. Can you read sympathy in the expressions of masked individuals? You certainly can. I know they were feeling for me when they suggested I wait in my car. It was dark, it was raining and not particularly warm. I read for a little while, but not having the foggiest idea how long it took to run a car battery flat, I soon turned off the light. After another hour or so, I turned off the radio, for the same reason. After 5 hours I got word he was being transferred to another hospital. I knew what that meant. Surgery of some sort.

Cartoon of patient and medical staff in hospital

I hated the idea my husband was in hospital and I couldnt be with him. While medical staff diagnosed his ailment I sat in a car. Later, when he had surgery, I sat at home waiting for word. I spoke to nurses on different occasions and while they did provide me with the necessary information to ease my worry, it definitely wasn’t the same as being beside a loved one. Those few days brought home to me how dreadful this virus is. For some of our elderly who have fallen to Covid-19. Loved ones must rely on medical staff to comfort those ill patients. This must be devastating and my heart goes out to those suffering through this heartbreaking time.

My husband is home again and doing well. He came home full of praise for the medical staff he encountered. He’d noticed many empty beds, the hospital on standby ready for whatever might happen during Covid-19. Thankfully, only a few kiwis who’ve caught the virus required hospital treatment.

But the medical staff are just one group of so many to thank. I would love to make a list of everyone in so many different walks of life who risked their own health to ensure New Zealand shakes off this virus, but there would not be pages enough. I’m so grateful to the many selfless people out there. You deserve more accolades than I could ever express.

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