Signs of Success

Signs of Success

Signs of success sneak up when you least expect them. Today I’m having one of those days when I seem to be very busy and yet I have done no new writing, no editing, no substantial writing related work at all. I’ve been at the computer tidying up loose ends and berating the fact I should be getting this piffle done in under an hour instead of needing all day. Being Friday makes this even more stressful because my routine does not include ‘working’ over the weekend. Weekends are for family unless I have urgent edits from my editor or similar.

Then into this messy type of day comes a passing comment which has lifted me from the doldrums. My daughter is currently doing a part time post graduate course and mentioned to a colleague that her mother was a writer – I know she’d have choked a little on adding “romance” to her statement lol. Not only did this lady recognise my name but she told my daughter that she had read my work. I’m not sure if I’m in the space to expect highly educated complete strangers to know who I am, let alone have read my stories.Oh, still my racy heart! And to hear my name was being discussed in a complimentary manner in such company is a huge boost to my ego. Hopefully my daughter will pass on my appreciation to this lady.

While I’ve never had doubts about the viability of the business course I participated in last year, or its usefulness to me as a romance writer, I’ve been very aware of the time it took me away from any actual writing. The whole basis of the last few months was to gain a wider audience of readers by promoting the type of romance stories I write and getting people to recognise my name in association with romantic fiction. A sure fire step toward building a loyal fan base of readers. While I believe my presence on social media sites and blogs etc have helped me build some international recognition, within New Zealand this has been more difficult. Because my books are only available via on-line sellers and not in local bookshops, I have struggled to spread my name at home. But perhaps I have been more successful than I realised? Perhaps giving presentations to different groups and talking about my work is raising my profile? I hope offering a writing workshop which won’t scare beginners away from the craft also shows my dedication to writing the very best fiction books I can.

I am so chuffed to think these efforts are beginning to pay off. I admit a little bit of me is pretty excited at being ‘recognised’ – I’m nowhere near up there with any of the major kiwi writers, but hey, I’m clawing my way up one rung at a time. I’m very happy to know people here are learning who I am and might be awaiting my next book with interest and anticipation. If they know about me, they’ll know whatever the title/plot of a new story might be, it’ll be a ‘warm, fuzzy and fun’ romantic read.

Surely this one little conversation is a sign of the success my attempts to widen my sphere of influence and get Anne Ashby known to more New Zealanders. At least I hope it is.

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