Share The Joy

To share the joy of writing with others is something I get such a buzz out of doing. To see a person understand playing with words and creating a story is exciting. I love the enthusiasm that lights up in them. Whether the story is short or long doesn’t matter. Nor does the genre. Writing and developing an imaginary world is fun.

That’s not to say it might be hard work too. Serious writing is not suited to everyone. But playing with words need not be difficult. Not all of us are looking at making a career out of writing. Perhaps we just need to satisfy an inner desire to “write that book”.

woman tutoring another woman and sharing the joy
Share the Joy

I get to share the joy whenever I’m able to do a presentation or tutor a writing workshop. To help someone achieve that which is often a dream fills me with satisfaction. I once had a dream which I thought would always remain a dream. Instead, with the guidance of someone else, my dream amazingly turned into a reality. I strive to pay that guidance forward onto others.

I entitled my writing workshop “How to write a romance” because that is what once attracted me to a writing course. Creative writing classes turned me off. I knew exactly what I dreamed of writing and literary fiction was not it. Learning the ins and outs of writing the romance genre whetted my appetite and my life changed forever.

To share the joy of the written word with any budding writers not only helps me “pay back” the encouragement. I am motivated to write myself. During workshops especially, I have time to scribble notes while students are carrying out writing exercises. What better place to figure out a new story.

Last weekend I tutored my workshop at Selwyn College in Auckland. How inspired those attending have left me and I look forward to reading the stories I know they are capable of writing. Write on, my new friends.

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