Searching For Content

Searching For Content

This morning I’ve been searching for content for an interesting post to this site because nothing immediately comes to mind. While I want to share some thoughts on my characters from my current work in progress, I’m still playing with their development. No writing tips or suggested topics to help with writing are knocking at my brain desperate to get out right now. But a quick whiz through the newspaper revealed an article which I just had to google to find out more about. I (or at least my DH) often find interesting little snippets in the paper – not usually the headline news but in little “briefs” squeezed into the middle pages. In light of the fact later this week I am having suspense and romance author RT Wolfe ( visit me, I felt a post marveling a natural wonder would fit well with her dedication to the preservation of the whooping crane.

Apparently the East Coast of the US is about to be invaded. But the Homeland Security and military folks probably won’t be placed on high alert. In yet another instance of the weird and wonderful ways of the natural world, hordes of red-eyed cicadas will soon make their presence felt. As the ground temperature rises, these insects will emerge from where they’ve lived for years, assume adult status and complete their life cycle.   Because this amazing occurrence happens only once every 18 years (and dare I say it – “only in America”) I’m truly intrigued.

But what will be the impact on everybody when these cicadas emerge from the ground? While it appears they are harmless, and will provide a food source for many other creatures, including some brave humans, there are expected to be as many as one or two thousand of these insects per square yard. And if they’re anything like the cicadas in New Zealand – I love to hear them chirping on a warm summer’s day – I can imagine a deafening roar. Ouch, earplugs must surely be a necessity for anyone living in those eastern states affected. I hope any writers in the area have sound proofed work spaces.

I’m not especially adventurous when it comes to food choices, I realise. Reading that these insects are high in protein and low in fat does nothing to encourage me to sample them. Hearing that some people prefer them raw…yuck, the body shivers at the thought. But if you’re brave, or you want to impress someone, this article ( even has suggested recipes. Help yourself, experiment. But thanks very much, don’t bother inviting me to share that particular dinner.

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