Rugby World Cup final

For an avid and dedicated rugby fan like myself, the last couple of weeks, and the next three, provide entertainment aplenty. The Rugby World Cup, presently being held in New Zealand, has welcomed thousands to our shores and already shown us some choice matches. As well as all the All Blacks games of course, there have been many other highlights – for me these include the Japan/Tonga match, Ireland/Australia, England/Scotland and what commentators are touting as the biggest upset in World Cup history, the Tongan/French game last night. What a cracker and my congratulations to the Tongan players for beating the normally elusive French.

On the back of New Zealand’s easy road through the pool matches comes the devastating news today that our incredibly talented first-five-eighth Daniel Carter is out of the tournament due to injury. Kiwis are in shock. Can we go on without such a pivotal member of our team? Of course we can, we have great depth of rugby talent in NZ. But is there anyone as great as the sexy Daniel? We can only hope so.

On the writing front I have been working on a submission which I finally sent off last Friday. Now it is time to concentrate on revealing Justin’s story and providing readers with a sequel to “Worlds Apart”.

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