Rugby – Kiwis Rule

It may have taken a few weeks of the Super 15 rugby season before I shifted my allegiance from my beloved Highlanders but I chose the right team to support through the latter part of the ladder. Weren’t the Chiefs fantastic? So clinical as they dispatched their opponents. They were fitting winners after having such a great season. Let’s hope they can maintain the momentum into next year and give NZ another contender for the Super Rugby “Crown”. It was getting monotonous having the Crusaders in the finals all the time.

Does anyone else have an issue with a certain young halfback who doesn’t pull his damned socks up?  He looks so untidy, or am I just showing my age by remembering how boys were caned at high school for allowing their socks to wrinkle. Our principal used to say “if the All Blacks can come off the field after 80 minutes of rugby with their socks up, you can keep yours up too.” Hear hear. Pull those socks up.

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