Worlds Collide

Reviews Of Worlds Collide

I really enjoyed reading this book. Nicole is born into wealth and privilege and is the pampered princess in her family. Her parents throw money or material things at her but don’t really demonstrate love towards her. Her brother, Luke, is blamed for a family tragedy when he was a young boy and is always excluded and made to feel guilty and less than. Because of their parents towards each of them, there relationship with one another is almost non-existent and they are very intolerant of one another.

Luke brings along his friend, Justin, who is from New Zealand, to a family Thanksgiving dinner. Justin finally realizes how badly Luke’s family treats him. He also spends time, with Nicole and realizes that there is more to her than the rich snob that Luke thinks she is. There is an instant connection between Nicole and Justin but because of Nicole’s fear of relationships, she hurts Justin deeply and he can’t seem to forgive her for her treatment of him.

Nicole comes to live with Luke and Justin to get away from her parents and their domination of her life and is able to rebuild her relationship with her brother. Nicole learns who she is and what she wants to do to make her happy. Without giving away any more details, there is a HEA ending.

The only thing I didn’t really enjoy about the book was some foul language, although it was minor. There were a few sex scenes, although, they were mostly behind closed doors.

I love reading about NZ culture and how Kiwis (New Zealanders) cope universes situations.

Justin has separated himself from his family in NZ after horrifying dreams tell him that a loved one will die if he stays there.

Nicole returns home to her family after a disastrous relationship results in her losing her business. Her family is rich, but not really a family and Nicole needs to escape. Unfortunately Justin has been on the receiving end of her scathing tongue.

Anne has woven together a complex tale of lust, dislike (hate is such a strong word), eventually a truce is reached, but first Nicole has to shake her rich birch attitude.

With loveable characters and stunning settings, this story will keep you turning the page.


January 22, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase