Reviews Are Essential For Any Writer

I’m Always Looking For Reviews

Reviews are as essential for a writer as grass is to a dairy cow. (Yes, I know in some countries cows are feed other “stuff”, but here in New Zealand, they mostly live on grass.) Without reviews we can slip into obscurity – not a place any writer wants to be. But with the help from our readers posting reviews of our stories, we can fly in the face of whatever (writing) adversity might come our way.


If you have read any of my romance stories and haven’t found the time to post a review yet, may I take this opportunity to request a New Year’s favour? I’d love you to take a moment now and post those reviews. There’s no need to write an expansive piece, even one sentence attached to whatever star rating you believe the story deserves would be wonderful.


World's Apart

Worlds Apart

I’d like to add a little reminder that my first story “Worlds Apart” continues to be FREE for download from both Amazon ( and my publisher The Wild Rose Press ( – why not grab a copy and enjoy this “international” story during the summer break/those dark winter nights. Find out how language differences can impact on the relationship. Then if you enjoy the story, please post a quick review anywhere reviews are published – see the graphic above for some suggested review sites.

Thank you from a grateful writer, and here’s wishing you all a great year ahead

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