Promotion and getting your name out there

After talking with a friend about promotion and getting one’s name out in the public arena, she suggested I check out “Coffee time romance” as a possible option for publicity. What a revelation. The speed and patience of the coordinators of this site has amazed me. I cannot praise them enough for their help in grooming my application and explaining things I didn’t understand. Within days I am signed up for a heap of promotional billets which will expand my knowledge of the tricky business of self promotion. I would definitely recommend them just on the experience I’ve had in my first week. I’m so full of optimism I’ve put a counter on my site. Check them out by clicking on their icons below.

I have my own group within their forums and I’m looking forward to chatting with like minded writers and readers. Often over the last year or so I’ve felt the need to link up with and chat to anyone writing in the traditional or sweet genre as we seem to be a quiet lot, beavering away at our craft rather than projecting ourselves to others. I’m hoping to unearth lots of people who still enjoy a sweet story which survives without the presence of vampires and shapeshifters and other ghostly presences. Come over and join me for a chat, tell me what you like about traditional stories and what has kept you true to the genre. I’d love to hear from you.

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