On Stewart Island

The excitement of our arrival on Stewart Island has been dulled a little. Our son, accompanying us from Invercargill, is quite sick. We took the doctor’s words literally when told we wouldn’t cause him further problems by dragging him across Foveaux Strait. However the local district nurse suggested interpreting those words to mean “it doesn’t matter what bed he’s in, as long as he’s in a bed”. However he’s gradually improving and hopes to see something of Stewart Island before leaving.

Ferry Across Foveaux Strait
Ferry Across Foveaux Strait

Not a Happy Lassie

 I am currently very hosed off. Is that a phrase you understand? If not, how about brassed off, cheesed off, peeved or for any of you real literal people out there, annoyed. Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day. Off I set with my trusty – or so I thought – camera to make a record of the beautiful scenery.  I click, click, clicked all around Oban. I took photos of a local guy making pounamu (New Zealand greenstone) jewelry while chatting with him. On a bush walk later I took what I expected to be amazing photos of two kaka preening themselves. We also passed a kereru (wood pigeon) wandering in the grass a couple of feet away. We feared him injured but no, moments after we had passed – and taken more amazing photos – he flew off into the bush.

Can you guess what’s happened? For some unexplained reason, my trusty camera had let me down. Photos I had previewed after taking, plus all the rest for the whole day…yep, you guessed it. All gone!!! Trust me, I was not a happy lassie when I prepared to download them to my laptop. Oh no! Oh well, so sad, too bad. Seeing I can’t share my sure-to-be-amazing photos of the kakas, I decided to hyperlink you to a page where you can see how great these birds look.

What to do on Stewart Island

Stewart Island is a nature lovers paradise. There’s dozens of walks/tramping tracks to explore. Native birds are visible at every turn. For a fisherman or hunter, Stewart Island can provide excellent opportunities. If the amazing flora and fauna do not catch your fancy, there is also the chance to sit back and relax. To enjoy the music of  birds chattering in the trees. However, if looking for shopping experiences in exciting malls, better to find another location. If unable to survive without the constant attachment of a cell phone, best look elsewhere.  Stewart Island is a simple paradise.

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