New story idea

I have returned from a very relaxing holiday in Queensland full of enthusiasm to get writing again. Not on my WIP but on something completely new. Whilst snoozing on a bus back to Noosa from Fraser Island I had this idea for a new story. By the time we reached our destination I had the beginning pages already written. Now I only need to convey those thoughts into the computer and off I’ll go…I only hope I can get past the third chapter before the muse deserts me. I have a million emails to work through, mostly from the Bob Mayer workshop which I signed up for before leaving. I can’t wait to get started and learn more.

But the best thing happened when I started clearing mail. I found an amazing review of Devon’s Dream. Getting readers responses to my writing has been so gratifying, but  to receive a five star review from a professional reviewer has not only made my day, but probably the whole of the rest of this year. I admit my back is a little straighter and my head a little higher. In themselves each of these small things may seem rather insignificant but they build up the self esteem and belief that I am justified in calling myself a writer.

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