New Romance Story Released

New Romance Story Released

Tomorrow is the day for my new romance story “Worlds Collide” to be released to a world wide audience. The print copy has been available through The Wild Rose Press for the last couple of weeks. But tomorrow sees the digital version of this story, and by far the biggest seller, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most on-line book shops. Obviously I’m excited to have another romance released and have been planning numerous visits to blog sites to advertise its arrival.

The release of a new book always spurs me into action. Suddenly I have something new and interesting to talk about and to share with my readers. As always, the trick is not to inundate and bore those readers with too much exposure.

I’m so happy to finally introduce Justin to the world. He’s been such a long time in the shadows but now it is his time to shine. He’s such a great guy, or at least I think he is. He’s what I would term ‘a typical kiwi male’ but probably can’t any more. Because with society’s ever present changes, I don’t believe such a man exists any more. But perhaps things were slightly different when Justin was “born” at the turn of the millennium. Just because he had to sit in limbo for fifteen years before I got to share his story with you, well that’s no reason for him to have a character change.

I believe anyone would want Justin to be their best friend. He’s fun, he’s kind and caring, he’s down to earth. He’d do anything to help a mate. It takes a fair amount of angst before he flares up at Nicole.

perf5.000x8.000.inddGet your copy of Worlds Collide (pre-order available now) and meet Justin and Nicole in a mansion in Connecticut. Find them ignoring each other while living in the same house in Alexandria. Attend the wedding of Raven’s mother with them and watch them grow closer. Read what brings Justin and Nicole together and what rips them apart.

World's ApartHave you read Worlds Apart yet? Perhaps you’ll want to reread it? I believe it would be interesting to read the two stories close together as they intertwine. I often needed to refer to Worlds Apart while I was writing Worlds Collide. They might be quite different except for the period of time when Justin and Raven are together but other characters are involved in both stories too.


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