New Romance Book

My New Romance Book Is Now Available

Great news! My new romance book “Worlds Collide” has been released earlier than expected. At this stage only the print version is available via my publishers The Wild Rose Press, but I understand Amazon will also have it available within the next few days. The digital version will be available as from 15 July. I’m very excited to know my readers will soon be delving into the lives of Justin and Nicole, and I trust they will enjoy the adventure.

perf5.000x8.000.inddWith each new romance book comes the need to promote promote promote. Not something many writers are all that good at, I believe. Writing a romance is much easier than figuring out how to get that romance into the hands of readers who are likely to enjoy the story. Like so many other romance writers, I struggle to reach readers who are looking for a clean contemporary romance which has an interesting story line.

I look to my readers to help me. If you have read and enjoyed any of my stories, I’d be really chuffed (happy) to have you spread the word of your enjoyment. Whether it is by posting a positive review onto Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, or any other review sites or just by telling your friends my name and recommending my stories. Perhaps you might be willing to share how much you’ve enjoyed my stories on your social media sites or you could approach your local library and suggest my books as a possible addition to their catalogue. Word of mouth is my favourite boost as it comes from readers reacting to the story they’ve just read.

Thank you for your continuing support. I trust you’ll enjoy “Worlds Collide” and please do consider posting a review. These are very important to a romance writer and allow others to select for their enjoyment the same stories you have got pleasure reading.

Dont forget – if you havent already read “Worlds Apart” get your copy of that story and meet up with Justin and his friend Raven as they both struggle with their romances. The stories are stand alone, but we have chosen to suggest they are “companion stories” as some of the same characters appear in both books. Because much of the ‘action’ is occurring at a similar time I could not call them a sequel or a prequel, hence the choice “companion”.

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