Motivation has been a major set back

Motivation has become a major setback for me these last couple of months. This time of the year is usually my most productive due to the enthusiasm I gain from attendance at the annual Romance Writers conference. But family commitment precluded my attendance for the second year in a row and I freely acknowledge a distinct lack of motivation to actually produce something new. This has had a snowball effect as I am not sharing work with my critique partners, hence not getting feedback. In fact its a vicious circle which I must do something to break very soon or go crazy with the frustration. Accepting the isolated life of a writer doesn’t mean you can successfully produce without some stimulus from the outside. My WIP sits lonely and untouched. I have to change that. Maybe tomorrow.
On a more positive level, I’ve almost completed the self-editing of another story which I hope to submit to The Wild Rose Press very soon. The recent print release of “Devon’s Dream” – and the expected release of it’s digital counterpart this Friday – has spurned me into hoping I can continue publishing with this company. My immediate goal is to always have another story on the back burner, awaiting publication. Then I’d better get my WIP completed.

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