A Man’s Rights

What’s Happening To A Man’s Rights?

What on earth is happening to a man’s rights? Has the world gone crazy? I think it probably has when I read an article about a society trying to make men pee sitting on a toilet when it is surely natural for them to stand. (As an aside here, I point out to US readers, the word toilet is not considered a ‘delicate’ word in other countries so I use it freely)

According to this article which appeared in our newspaper a couple of days ago, Germany is taking a stand against men standing while urinating. This in itself is a surprise to me. Is it because they have a woman leader they feel they can attack a man’s rights this way? I have a few German male friends who are far from brow-beaten or mamby pamby types. As a race I envision German men in general to be very masculine and kinda set in their ways. I struggle to believe the report which suggests many toilets in public areas are “ordering” men to sit. Apparently there are often graphics posted close by showing men how to manage the task.


I admit I have had some “serious discussions” over the years with the males in my household (three of my children are male). Believe me, I understand the nausea (I use this word intentionally) their misuse can cause. But only in jest have I even told them they should sit down. My instruction – which I can only hope they remember now they’re men – was always to clean up after themselves if necessary. I could never have eroded their rights as men and forced them to do something so unnatural.

I will forever be perplexed about the angst caused by the toilet seat, too. Another major problem in today’s society? If only we paid as much attention to the things really wrong in our world. I once wrote an article about this very contentious subject. Why do so many woman go crazy when a man doesn’t put the seat back down? Who made this rule? Why shouldn’t a woman lift the seat up after she is finished? Especially if she lives in a house full of males. If we’re looking at a hygiene issue, surely it makes more sense to expect the lid to also be closed if we’re going to be so pedantic about such a thing.

Society has already taken away a man’s natural instinct to be a hunter gatherer. Often their other endearing feature of being a woman’s protector is now publicly ridiculed. Personally I applaud many changes in the last 50 years or so, eg. the care and attention most fathers provide for their children today, often even being the main caregiver, but c’mon let’s leave the guys some dignity. While I wholeheartedly support many instances where women’s equality is at stake, in my mind this has nothing to do with equality, or women’s rights. Grow up, I say to those people in Germany who started this. Men and women are different, thank God. They’ll always be different. Get over it. It’s in a man’s nature to stand and pee, for heavens sake, lets not get ridiculous about this. Today’s society has stripped men of so much, lets bite the bullet and accept there are some things they can do we women cannot.

They’ll never get to have babies so we’ll always have that one over them.

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