Driving from Cheviot to Blenheim is a three hour journey for those in a hurry. But we were keen to see any lasting impact from the earthquake so we took our time. We paused in Kaikoura and supported the local economy in a small way. On the road again, unfortunately we were on the wrong side for easy stopping. The traffic was such I only made one attempt to pull into a rest area so I missed the opportunity to take many photos. I was excited to see what I’m sure was a whale quite close in. Thankfully hubby saw it too and was of the same opinion as to what it was. That sighting had made my day.


But there was more to see. We got sidetracked north of Kaikoura at Ohau. Along the rocky shoreline we noticed a number of cars parked and risked crossing the busy road to join them. I’m not sure why there are no notices advising motorists of what Ohau has to offer. It was just a fluke I pulled over. But this is a Must See sight. A huge length of viewing platform has been provided so people can watch a massive number of seals lazing about on the rocks below. I enjoyed visiting the seal colony in Westport, where there were a dozen or so seals. Today at Ohau there must have been at least a hundred if not more. There were mothers suckling their young, youngsters exploring the world, old fellas snarling and fighting each other. Seals lazed on rocks and swam in rock pools. What I enjoyed most was watching the youngsters. Some struggled to find their way from rock to rock. You could sense their uncertainty when they came to crevices or gaps between the rocks. Some would go on regardless while others took much longer to find the nerve. Fascinating. I filled my camera’s memory card at Ohau.

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