Internet Server Charges

Am I Just Lucky With My Internet Server Charges?

What a wonderful thing the Internet is. How did we live without it? It’s become so unimaginable to even consider this possibility now. I’m sure my little grandchildren already imagine I grew up in a cave, or close enough to it. My response to “what did you do when you were little, Nana?” leaves them horrified beyond means. “No TV? but you had your IPad, didnt you? And games on your Mum’s phone?” I guess their concept of when varying technology arrived in our lives is so incomprehensible because of their age – they are only 4 and 6.

What surprised me a couple of weeks ago is the minimal price we have to pay for a portion of this technology. I’d got an email from my internet server telling me I was fast approaching the limit on my website. Being so technologically challenged that I had no idea how much data space I even had, let alone how much I might need in the near future, I quickly liaised with my very helpful server.

Although doing some “house cleaning” of my site reduced my used space considerably, I decided to query the charge to go to the next level plan they offered. Would it be worth buying more space? As I’d like to explore the possibility of putting some short video clips on this site in the future, I thought increased space might be worth considering, depending on the cost.

I have to say ‘shock’ was the emotion most prevalent when I got their quote. To take my space usage from 1GB (yes I know, I have a very small site) to 10GB and align the extra charge to when my annual fee rolls over (May 2016) was going to cost me $4.53. A huge decision faced me. Would I pay $4.53 to have more space than I’ll ever need,  enough space to do anything I might learn to do on this site…yeah it was a huge decision all right. My server had the $4.53 in their account so quickly it probably had singe marks around the sides.

I am so thankful to be writing in today’s world. While the number of books being published is huge, the assistance available to a writer appears to be almost endless. While I often struggle with the ever changing technology, I have to say, thank heavens I’m working in a world where it all exists. And for such an affordable price.

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