I’m now into the third week of the business mentoring course

I’m now into the third week of the business mentoring course which hopefully is going to help me grow my business of being a contemporary romance writer. To date I’m finding my thoughts have broadened, I’m looking at promotion possibilities which I had not considered before so I’ve already taken a huge step forward. It’s a little difficult to get my head around some of the course jargon, which is designed for small businesses, because being a writer is quite different from being a tradesman or owning a dress shop. But while I’m being stretched to consider other possible ways to promote myself then I am already achieving some measure of success. I wonder what the facilitator will have for us tonight?

Great weekend for southern hemisphere rugby – not that I’m too concerned about any team except the All Blacks – but Argentina, South Africa, Australia and NZ all conquered their northern opponents. All Blacks were very smooth for first game together, especially as they were blooding a few new caps. Julian Suvia wrote himself into the record book with a hat trick of tries against Ireland, first kiwi to do this. The Irish team played great, the score belied the intensity of the game. Roll on next weekend for more international rugby.

Another 5 star review, this time for TIME TO BURY THE PAST was posted over the weekend. I was thrilled as its been a while since this story’s publication and interest has waned a little. Hopefully the positive content of the review will spark an interest for anyone who hasn’t yet read the story about Kelsey and Zane struggling to find themselves and each other. I’ve added it to my reviews page.

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