I Wish

How many times does the phrase “I wish” enter your head? While I probably don’t say it aloud too often but today “I wish” is rolling around inside me constantly. We might wish for important things, like the end of Covid, or as the beauty contestants apparently request, peace on earth. But today my wish was for a better understanding of technology.

Until I was called to dinner, I had no idea how much of the day I had wasted. It all started when I received an alert on my website. One of my plugins was no longer compatible. After a little checking and some research, that’s okay, I just deleted it. It wasn’t an important function and I can do without it. Then for some reason, I wish I knew where my head had been right then, I decided to install another unrelated plugin. Stupid move.

A crazed image wishing he knew more about computers

The only bright spark in my day was finding a UTube video tutorial to help once I’d stuffed everything up. You might ask, why was it light at the end of a very dark tunnel? Well, Stewart Gauld is a New Zealander. He spoke Kiwi without an accent. And he didn’t drop in any weird words my poor brain had to spend milliseconds translating. Plus his instructions were so clear and easy to follow even for a technophobic.

But that didn’t stop me wishing I had just a little (like a heap) more understanding of how websites actually work. Watching someone who understands technology amazes me. To see their five minutes can achieve what I struggled and sweated over for hours. It’s time for me to decide how important my time is. Do I wish to learn more, or employ a professional? I should do something. Today I wasted hours of story writing time. Not a sensible use of time or energy. To say nothing of my state of mind throughout the project.

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