I finally enrolled in Twitter

I’ve finally done it. Yesterday I bit the bullet and enrolled in Twitter. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for about six months but the enormity of what I suspected Twitter is always scared me off. But with one of my sons at my side, goading me with gentle encouraging words, I signed up and whammo! I’m overwhelmed by the response already. In fact, I’m almost too nervous to open my twitter account for fear of how much I’ll see there. Nah, the fear’s not from the volume but more my lack of understanding as yet. I’m determined to be a “good” tweeter and be supportive of others but there’s a huge learning curb to climb before I can do anything. It’s taken me years to figure out the text language on cell phones, and now I’m sailing into yet another new language. I suppose I should be encouraged to know I soon learnt “Jack speak” (Navy language) when I joined the RNZN and the situations are not dissimilar. Then it was a case of learn or drown, too. Only real difference is the passage of years and the dulling of my brain cells.

I’m off now to check out a couple of Twitter tutorials on U-Tube, I sure hope they’re in basic English and not Twitter-speak. Come join me.

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