Our stop in Hokitika

This weekend is Westland’s Anniversary Weekend. We did not realise this until I spied an “anniversary sale” sign. Not that it matters too much as most of the shops appear to be open anyway. We’ve wandered around and checked out some of the Jade and possum/merino clothing shops. A nice long walk along the black sandy beach left me with even more stones to carry home. I’m soon going to have to have a sort out or get another container to carry them.

Lake Kaniere

In the afternoon we took a drive around Lake Kaniere. What a beautiful lake. It was so still and calm that the mountains behind were reflected in the waters. Of course the stones from the lake were quite different from those on the beach so yes, more stones ended up in my ice cream container. Again we walked. At three different places around the lake we stopped and wandered into the bush. At one area we took the gold pan and had a play, maybe picked up a couple of bits of dust but nothing to crow about.

Dorothy Falls

Less than a minute’s walk from the road are the Dorothy Falls. Again, I expected far less than what we saw. The Falls are quite high and water fell into a pond which looked like it would be an amazing place to swim.  Surprisingly no-one had taken advantage of this lovely spot – or not while we were there, anyway.

Hokitika is one of those towns I would like to visit again. I’m not sure if I can give a reason. Its just a pretty wee town with many beautiful places to go within an easy drive. Another time, I think I would plan to spend at least a week here.


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  1. You were as bad as my children and I picking up stones wherever we went
    I still have them in the garage even after 30 years or more

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