Happy New Year

Happy New Year

This is a short post to offer my best wishes to all my friends. What better way to start off the new year than with a little frivolity?

What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day?

Turns over a new leaf.

Okay, so I found that in a kids joke book, but its the best I can do without giving it a lot more thought, lol. I refuse to do something lame like google “happy new year messages/jokes” so that’s what we’re stuck with today.

I trust you’ve all had a happy and enjoyable Christmas and those days of stressing about presents, decorations, food and family commitments is over for another year. Surely now is the time to relax and muse about what might be in store for you over the next months before it begins all over again.

What’s waiting for you in 2017?

Will you be able to get rid of those 10 kilos you put on during just one Christmas dinner?

Will your New Year’s resolutions last until you get your Christmas decorations down?

Will your memory improve so you don’t have to keep returning to the other room in the hope the journey will jiggle your brain?

Will your body keep supporting you and encourage your efforts to win gold (somewhere), climb Mt Everest, or just make it out of bed tomorrow morning?

What about those glasses, hearing aids and plastic hips – are they going to need updating or replacing?

Hey! Stop! lets forget any negatives. You’re approaching a brand new year. If one can’t be optimistic for at least a little while each new year…well, life would be so sad.

So take that first step into 2017 with utmost confidence. You’ve arrived in 2017, that alone is a wonderful achievement. Attack the year with energetic enthusiasm and strive for those goals you desire. Be prepared to fight to overcome the fears and adversities you might face this year. Laugh in the face of hard times and share your optimism with those around you. And most important of all, love with all your heart.

May you and your loved ones be enriched in 2017 with prosperity, good health and a joyful lifestyle.

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