Goodbye to Marlborough

Its Time To Say Goodbye To Marlborough.

Its now time to say goodbye to Marlborough as we begin checking out the West Coast. We have enjoyed our visit and acknowledge there are many attractions we did not have the time to experience. We’re sad to leave and expect to return again one day. Hopefully in the not too distant future. We had perfect accommodation. Uncle Abel’s Cabin is in a quiet part of Motueka and within an easy walk into the main street. The cabin is a tiny ensuite, with two single beds, and we had a delightful continental breakfast each day. We loved sitting outside playing cards, listening to who knew how many different birds singing. Our hostess was lovely and I can’t recommend this Bed and Breakfast highly enough.

All those paddocks full of hops, apples trees or grapes vines gave way to less productive but more spectacular scenery as we drove from Motueka toward Westport. It was a very pleasant drive and the road was better than good. I found driving through first the Upper Buller Scenic Reserve, then the Lower Buller Scenic Reserve to be a lovely drive. Traffic was very subdued, most appeared happy to travel at a speed less than the legal limit. Except for one driver of a small rental motor home. I concluded that maybe he had a medical emergency on board. Or maybe a mother in labour. Whatever his need for excessive speed, he and his passenger definitely missed some beautiful scenery. He never stopped for photos at the suggested sites, I bet.

Black clouds were beginning to form soon after we reached Westport. A loud clatter of thunder soon followed and we were sure the sky was about to open. But a couple of hours later, those clouds appear to have moved away, hopefully to spread moisture on someone else.

While we’re in Westport, we’re looking forward to catching up with the best man from our wedding.  Its a long time since we’ve seen him, after all Westport is a little way from Auckland, so the reunion is going to be great.



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