How Important Is Fellowship?

Some definitions of the word “fellowship” in my dictionary include “companionship, association, friendliness, cordiality of feeling, community of interest, a body of associates, a brotherhood” – all combining to mean to me a general sense of belonging and comradeship.

The last two weekends I have been exposed to two very different types of fellowship from two very different sides of my life. Each has provided me with a sense of worth I doubt would be possible from any casual relationship with others.

A weekend writers retreat at Piha Beach with four very talented ladies I was privileged to meet during my writer’s workshop earlier this year inspired me in ways I could only hope and dream about. Spending time with other like-minded people who were willing and able to help, suggest, hint, bolster and spur me onto heights not yet achieved was indeed a benefit to my writing. I began the weekend with my work in progress a little stale, but within a few hours in their company, my story was humming with new vitality which I trust will see it through to its conclusion within the next few weeks. Our vast difference in writing techniques mattered little, it was the inspiration of other writers spending valuable time in fellowship that has given me the incentive to dig out and get on with my story writing. Thanks to the fellowship provided during that writers retreat last weekend, there will be no more procrastination for me. Not for the moment, anyway.

The other fellowship I have enjoyed has been provided by The Royal NZ Navy Women’s Association, a group of which I am privileged to be the National President. After my family and writing, this group of women is vitally important to me, providing an amazing support network of friendship. With ages varying from the mid nineties of our ‘war-time’ girls all the way down to current Navy serving members in their thirties and forties, it is our common service to Queen and country that binds us with an invisible bond of friendship which will always endure. Spending time with any of these girls means I always feel rejuvenated. We often talk nonsense, relive stories of our service time, plan when we can get together again – but mostly we just enjoy each others company. Laughter is a great proponent for a healthy, contented lifestyle and whenever I’m lucky enough to associate with any of the wonderful girls from this group, I feel invigorated.

We all need the association of others. The bond between ourselves and someone else with similar thoughts, ideals, ideas and beliefs. We need fellowship to make our lives complete. I thank these two groups for providing me with a wonderful sense of friendship. You guys rock.

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