Farewell Merville

Farewell Merville, until we meet again.

I’ve been avoiding my blog for some weeks now. Not a very sensible thing to do while I continue to gather readers of contemporary clean romance to my side. But I knew my next post would have to acknowledge the death of my wonderful mother, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to manage this in a way that would be of interest to anyone but those who knew her.

To any new readers of this blog – an explanation is in order. I have been chronicling my mother’s life story in this blog over the last year or so. Copying the words she’d written about twenty years ago when I suggested I’d love to hear about her younger days in her own words. I had what I suspected would be just one more entry from her journal and wanted to ask her for more detail. Why she decided to stop her “life story” around the time of losing my dad? She had so many more adventures she could share. But I never got to fill in any more of the story during my last visits with her. Any further writing about her life will have to come from the memories of my sister, brother and myself.

No matter when someone we love leaves us, we often feel their departure is too soon. But with Merville I have to acknowledge that at 101 years and 9 months her decision to move onto her next adventure was a choice I have to honour. By refusing sustenance and medication during a three day bout of pneumonia she was able to choose her time to leave us. While we would have loved to have her stay, we’d been so blessed to have her with us for so long. It was time. She’d decided it was time to join Dad again. After only 10 years together in this world and 61 years apart, can’t you just imagine their reunion?

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