Changing My Office

Changing my office space seemed an obvious thing to do during lock down. I did seem to have a little extra time on my hands. And the shift involved giving some long over due attention to one room of my house.

Proud as I am that our youngest son has made his career choice, the possibility of him spreading his study out on our kitchen table didn’t fill me with joy. I am fortunate to have a house large enough to have options available to us. So changing my office from one room to another solved the possible angst. He could use my “old” office space while I shifted into another room.

But one major problem existed. The room I elected to transform into a new office for myself had earlier been lovingly christened by my granddaughter. “Nana’s junk room” needed some work before I would be changing my office space.

I had to spend a few days struggling with my hoarding tendencies to make space. I would never classify myself as a real hoarder. Nothing like those TV hoarders anyway. But I hate to throw away anything that might one day be useful. I’m not sure if its because I’m overly sentimental – which I am. Or is it because of my upbringing?

I’ve realised I have a story to share about this, so will save it until next week’s blog. Be sure to tune in for one person’s poor excuse for hanging onto unnecessary things in the home.

My new office space, cramped but cozy
My new office space, cramped but cozy

I reckon I’m going to enjoy my new office. I have a huge amount of shelving, as you can see from the photo. Of course for it to become useful I may have to dispose of a few of the many books we’ve accumulated over a number of years. I’m refusing to bring a telephone into the room, and I’m at the far end of our house so away from any distractions from the living area. Just listening now, I can’t hear a thing except the rain on the roof. I am so going to miss having a room available to ‘disappear’ stuff into, though.

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