An Update On Me

I want to share an update of whereabouts I am with my latest story and my writing progress in general. Covid-19, lock downs, restrictions etc filled my last few weeks. I have been so caught up I have probably rambled on about what was happening in my life during this period. But I’ve not given what some of you have asked for. An update in my writing. And for this I must apologise. I believe I have mentioned before that … Continue reading

Back to Normal?

Are we ready to go back to normal? I hope so. I trust New Zealand’s health department hierarchy and Government have interpreted all the available Covid-19 data correctly and wisely. While dropping to our Level 2 may not be exactly back to normal, it is allowing a lot more individual freedom. More important, its allowing most businesses to return to some form of trading. As this strange situation continues I watch the daily government briefings. I continue to appreciate hearing … Continue reading

Frugal Upbringing

How much might a frugal upbringing impact on one’s ability to dispose of unused items in our homes? Last week while writing my blog post, I realised one reason I believe I find it difficult to throw things away. I stress again that I am not a hoarder. At least not a certifiable hoarder anyway. I just resist throwing away many unused things in my house. My children hate the idea they’ll have to sort out the mess after I’m … Continue reading

Changing My Office

Changing my office space seemed an obvious thing to do during lock down. I did seem to have a little extra time on my hands. And the shift involved giving some long over due attention to one room of my house. Proud as I am that our youngest son has made his career choice, the possibility of him spreading his study out on our kitchen table didn’t fill me with joy. I am fortunate to have a house large enough … Continue reading

Covid-19 is Contagious

There are crazy people out there who deny Covid-19 is contagious. Or they reckon that its no more contagious than the flu. I for one would not be risking my health or my nearest and dearest to test this theory out. Recently, talking to a cousin in Scotland, I heard a story I’d like to share. Surely it will prove these “there’s no reason for social distancing” theories false. My cousin’s nephew spent five weeks in Aberdeen hospital with Covid-19. … Continue reading

My Special Day

My special day is ANZAC Day. Is has a huge significance for me. Today’s dawn service was the most unusual I have ever attended. I stood alone, as I always like to do, but far more “alone” than usual. With social distancing in force, kiwis were encouraged to commemorate by gathering at their front gates. Therefore taking the place of the services normally held throughout the country. For my special day, I crossed the road and stood near a neighbour. … Continue reading

So Many To Thank

We have so many to thank as we ease back a little on lock down. Its been a harrowing four weeks for many. But we mustn’t forget all those who continued to provide essential services while others struggled to stay within their little bubbles. Those workers struggle had to be worse. Some made difficult decisions. For example, leaving their families so they could care for the less able during isolation. Or isolating themselves away from family so they could ensure … Continue reading

Biding Time

Do you feel like you are just biding time right now? As we enter into our fourth week of New Zealand’s lock down, we await word today of our Government’s decision. Will we continue biding time until life can begin to return to normal? Or are we going to remain in lock down for a while longer? Personally I’m ambivalent. Lock down for me hasn’t presented any problems. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve actually enjoyed the time. I … Continue reading

Leadership During Crisis

Leadership is vital. In any walk of life, the leadership we provide ourselves or that provided by those who are placed in a position of leadership above us is often what sees us through. During a crisis this is so much more necessary. I was surfing the net to find a definition of leadership which fit with my current thinking. Eventually I came up with a source very unlikely for me. From a blogger, digital marketer, television personality Lisa Cash … Continue reading

Coping With Isolation?

Coping with isolation isn’t easy. What are you doing during the lock down? How are you keeping yourself busy and free from boredom? I know it is much more difficult for some people than others. Extroverts likely struggle to abide by the enforced isolation. But their effort is making a difference. Kiwis avoiding any social interaction are saving lives. Are you coping with isolation? What are you doing to while away the hours and days? I believe renovations/redecorating homes or … Continue reading