Worlds Collide

Back Blurb:

Although a secret dread lays buried deep inside New Zealand tradesman Justin Titirangi he appears content. He enjoys his life in Washington DC. He never dreamed a casual invitation to attend Thanksgiving with a friend’s family would impact his life so disastrously. Previously untouched by social snobbery, he’s blasted with both barrels.

Nicole Campbell is ashamed of how she’d treated her brother’s friend, but is smarting from the demise of a long term relationship. She never expects to see Justin again anyway. A need to escape her smothering parents but without ready funds, Nicole temporarily moves into her brother’s house in DC, unaware Justin also lives there.

Sparks fly when Justin and Nicole come face to face but will they manage to control the blaze before it engulfs them both?


“Are you all right? I heard—Justin?”

The last thing he needed right now was Nicole rushing to his side, bending over him, showing him the enticing curve of her breasts as she reached for him.

“Justin, what happened?” Her hands ran over his naked chest, her gaze darting all over his body. A shiver ran through him. Only a wimpy shiver. It appeared he wasn’t capable of any other reaction despite her closeness, her ministrations, and her loving touch. “Are you hurt?”

For a moment he relished her touch, before reality struck him. With a disgusted groan, he pushed her away and stumbled to his feet only to sink onto the side of his bed, fearing his legs wouldn’t hold him upright.

“I’m fine,” he croaked through dry lips. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

Justin stiffened as she sank down beside him.

“What’s happened?”

“Nothing.” His fingers wouldn’t stop twitching. He clenched them tight, rather than let her guess his weakness.

“Justin? Something’s wrong.” Her fingers scalded a path across his icy forearm. He shuddered, wishing he could slip his arms around her. Wishing he could fall onto the bed with her, and forget. Wishing they could be together, now and forever.

A groan escaped his lips as his body refused to respond to the picture springing into his mind for all of a second. But that dream wasn’t possible. Not anymore. He mustn’t even consider the depth of his feelings for this woman. Now he had only one choice.

He had to push her out of his life.