Time to Bury the Past

Time to Bury the Past by Anne AshbyPTSD forces American Naval Officer Zane Erickson to re-evaluate his life. A posting to untroubled New Zealand after years in Afghanistan will allow him to bond with his motherless teenage son. Unfortunately Cody doesn’t share his father’s enthusiasm for this new living arrangement.
Kelsey Hewitt is a single mother wrestling with her son’s drinking problem, struggling to keep the truth about his abusive father from him and determined to exclude men from her life.
As Kelsey and Zane are drawn together by the boys’ friendship they each have compelling reasons to avoid any possible intimacy. But while dealing with their sons’ dilemmas, their attraction for each other deepens.
Can Kelsey risk allowing another control freak into her life?

Read an excerpt from Time to Bury the Past

“Please ask your father if he’ll see us.”

Cody shrunk as his father came into sight.

Kelsey’s eyes slid from son to father, and her breath caught in her throat.

She remembered his features vaguely. But she hadn’t looked into his startling blue eyes. Compelling eyes that now held her captive, not allowing her to breath. Daniel’s shuffling feet broke the spell, making her wonder just how long she’d stared. The depth of those eyes was so striking; it took a moment to focus on his other features. Her lips twitched despite the seriousness of the situation. His haircut separated him from the men she was used to seeing.

He’d never be mistaken for a kiwi, even a military kiwi. He was very well put together. Shocked that such a thought popped into her mind at a time like this, she allowed her eyes to survey him. If he allowed that hair to grow a bit he could look pretty hot, if you liked that sort. Of course she definitely didn’t. A glance at his body showed her what she’d expect from a military person, fit, trim, with defined muscles obvious under his tight teeshirt.

But right now, in the blue jeans and very snug black tee shirt he wore, he still had a sense of authority.
“Good afternoon, Mr Erickson, I’m Kelsey Hewitt.” She didn’t hold out her hand, afraid he might see it shaking. Instead, she kept her hands at her sides. “I wonder if we could have a moment of your time.”
“I don’t see the point. I doubt I’d be interested in anything you have to say.”

“Nevertheless,” Kelsey continued firmly, “may we come in?”