Bliss, Sheer Bliss

Had I truly forgotten something constituting real bliss for me, or had it just been a while since I’d experienced it.

Now knowing you’re reading the blog of a romance writer, I bet I’ve got you wondering. Your mind is probably awash with ideas, some of them X-rated I’m sure. But hey, don’t forget I write sweet romance, none of the erotica for me. Not in my writing anyway.

No, it was something simple that drew me away to another plane today. I’ve just got out of the pool. Its a perfect summer’s day with not even a breath of wind to rustle the leaves in the trees. But while I often swim, something made today so special. Perhaps it was the solitude. As I lay and listened, all I could hear was the pump and that was easy to ignore. No cars on the road, no kids playing, no people talking. I was alone, just me and the water. I closed my eyes and allowed it to carry me wherever it wanted. For about an hour – I’m unsure how long I stayed but I’ve been out over thirty minutes and the skin on my fingers is still white and wrinkled – I opened myself to the sheer bliss of being one with the water.

Looking as happy as I felt

As I floated and rolled and dived it was easy to imagine myself a dolphin at play. Clearing everything from my mind didn’t require effort, it just happened. Then shortly before the body cooled and forced me out, came the desire to post a blog about the euphoria I was feeling, but I feel inadequate to describe such a moment of bliss. Somehow its so much easier weaving together a romance, and all its inherent emotions, than describing this moment of great but very simple pleasure.

Born under the star sign of the fish, I’ve always known water is important to me. I grew up on the coast and lived in the sea every summer. The sea has always intrigued me, its many moods inspiring me. Pools might differ from the living, breathing sea, but the peace and tranquility I can find in any water’s depths will always remain sheer bliss for me.

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