Best Wishes For 2021

2021 has arrived in Auckland, New Zealand with beautiful blue skies, and the promise of a lovely day. I hope everyone can look forward with hope and anticipation for better things to come. 2020 has to be the scariest year of my lifetime.  My family and close friends have escaped the terrible consequences of Covid 19. We’ve also escaped the hardship many face due to the necessary restrictions imposed on us all. The world suddenly became such a scary place this year.

I’m so grateful for the attitude of New Zealand’s leaders and their swift response to this terrible epidemic. In our little corner of the world, we live in relative safety, although remaining vigilant to another possible outbreak.  Large gatherings can be enjoyed and we welcome the New Year with joy I know so many others can’t.

Worries about possible Covid outbreaks during the summer weigh heavy on our health professionals. Hopefully with the continued adherence by each person’s personal responsibility, we will again emerge triumphant over this epidemic. It is sad we have no tourists visiting our shores, but we can still enjoy the summer by ourselves. We’ll try to help our tourist providers by getting out and enjoying our own country.

Were you able to enjoy a family Christmas? I know so many couldn’t. While it is such a special family day, it is only ONE day. If hunkering down and missing special times is what it takes to beat this disease, surely this is worthwhile. Please remain safe and consider others if you are out and about where Covid is still alive and thriving. For my kiwi friends and fans, I wish you all the very best for 2021. Have a great time in the sun with family and friends during the holiday period. Remember our new rule, slip, slop, slap, and SCAN.  But to those in other parts of the world, I can only pray that you remain safe and well. Take care and always remember, be kind to yourself and others.

Will anyone miss 2020?

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