Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt. Come along too. Wherever you are, join in and participate to ease a little boredom of the lock down. I’m uncertain whether this bear hunt is a New Zealand phenomenon right now or whether its being done overseas as well. But I reckon its a great idea. It definitely makes going for a walk around one’s neighbourhood much more interesting.

A yellow bear sitting in my conservatory window
My Bear Watching the Passers By

Certainly I applaud whoever came up with idea of making a little adventure for anyone who wants to participate. Lets face it, we don’t have too much to keep an eye out for as we take an exercise break around the same area we’ve likely known for years. The houses rarely change and the gardens just a little. But now? Now we can go on a bear hunt as we exercise.

Many families in our neighbourhood have already joined the growing number around NZ. What do you do to join the bear hunt? You display a bear (I figure any stuffed toy meets the criteria) somewhere in your house/property for others to see from the road. It may sound silly and it probably is, but I found today’s walk much less tiring. Although it was the same walk we usually take so what was the difference? I was on a bear hunt and forgot to get tired.

As we walked we found a variety on display.

a pokemon joins the bear hunt
A pokemon
Snoopy and friend join bear hunt
Snoopy and friend
a sentinal dog on a fence
A dog standing guard
Even Paw Patrol joins the bear hunt
Even Paw Patrol joins the bear hunt

While talking with my daughter yesterday, she reported she and her young son had spied over thirty bears during their walk around their suburban block. However, we didn’t see quite so many but I suspect the dynamics of our neighbourhood might be a little different. On the other hand, perhaps a lot of residents around here no longer have bears in their cupboards.

Bear falling from a tree.
This guy must have had a heavy night

Oh, by the way, did I forget to say, this bear hunt idea is to encourage our young children, But I can’t see why a few old folks can’t enjoy the adventure, too.

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