Avoid Avoiding Writing

Avoid Avoiding Writing

Do you sometimes avoid writing? While you are settled at your computer, do you find little things sneak in and take your attention away from your core task? I have a method for attacking those weak moments, a way to avoid avoiding writing. The reason I’m writing this today is that last night I almost caved in and disposed of my sure-fire method. I need to remind myself how important it is to me and the easiest way to do that is to share it with you.

Let me explain – Soon after deciding we are a writer, whether published or not, we are bomblasted with advice and suggestions of how to get ahead. Without doubt these details are vitally important, we are so lucky that in this world of writing, many people are willing to share their tips and hints on what has worked for them. Social media is touted as being one of THE most important areas to participate in. In fact some suggest that without an active role in many of the social media sites a writer has little chance of getting ahead. I’m not going to argue this point, but I will ask, what happens when that social media interaction takes away the precious time one should be using to actually write their stories? A full-time writer might have time to spare each day to post and chat, but what about if you have a job, a home, children and no maid! Do you want to risk what precious time you have available to write taken up with social media chit chat?

I am fortunate to have a dedicated computer for my writing. It’s actually quite an old machine but as it does every word processing thing I need it to do, so why would I think of upgrading. It sits alone in my office and – here’s the important thing – it has no internet connectivity! This is my method! And it works a treat. Our internet machine is far enough away that I don’t hear those annoying little “dings” when new mail arrives so I’m not tempted. If temptation does begin to nag at me, I’m not in a position of being able to just tap on my FB or Twitter accounts to check them. I have to get up and go almost to the other end of the house. This works very well for me. It doesnt necessarily stop my time on social media sites, but it does ‘encourage’ me to concentrate on my writing when I should be writing.

If you have the facility to divide your internet work and your writing between two computers, consider looking at disconnecting one so you won’t be interrupted while you work. After all, we can only be so strong. Phew! my wireless connection device is still firmly stuck in my filing cabinet even if I did waver a little yesterday. As writers, we must participate in the social media world, but no matter how much promotion we do, we’re not going to achieve anything without stories to sell.

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