Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt. Come along too. Wherever you are, join in and participate to ease a little boredom of the lock down. I’m uncertain whether this bear hunt is a New Zealand phenomenon right now or whether its being done overseas as well. But I reckon its a great idea. It definitely makes going for a walk around one’s neighbourhood much more interesting. My Bear Watching the Passers By Certainly I applaud whoever came up with idea … Continue reading

Stay Calm Be Kind

“Stay calm, be kind” have turned into a slogan for us all right now. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern mentioned the phrase a few days ago and its stuck. No matter what happens over the next few weeks, as long as we stay calm, be kind to each other and obey the rules we’ll see a light at the end of this virus tunnel. I do appreciate how fortunate I am. During this national lock down our lives have not … Continue reading

Self Isolation

Self isolation and quarantine are words we all recognise. But realistically we never expected to ever have to act upon them. Until now. In words being shared all over the world right now, ‘we are living in unprecedented times’ indeed. What does self isolation mean to you? To me, it indicates a willingness to accept extreme social responsibility. Even if living alone, we sometimes interact with others. But in today’s climate, that interaction could mean a death notice. As difficult … Continue reading

Visit to Omaui

Recently I made a visit to Omaui. Months ago my son mentioned Omaui and asked if I’d been ever visited this small seaside area. I was sure I must have, because it is in Southland. Surely I knew all of our lovely southern province like the back of my hand. But the photos he sent didn’t ring any bells. An unexpected visit to Southland occurred last month when my brother in law passed away. A trip to Omaui was definitely … Continue reading

Tennis In Auckland

Davis Cup tennis came to Auckland last week. I think I can say my interest in sport is quite eclectic. Although nowadays its viewed from sidelines or a comfortable sofa. For some reason attached to my childhood, I’ve always detested tennis. I guess it was because I felt like I could never measure up. My extended family included tennis players playing at national level; some very fine tennis players; other players who loved nothing more than to have a hit … Continue reading

Joy Of The Written Word

The written word spreads so much joy and contentment to anyone interested in reading. However we might receive it, digitally or in a hard copy, those written words convey everything. Our past, our present and our future must surely all be able to be woven into written words. I feel so blessed to have a scant ability to weave words together to bring pleasure to my readers. Being able to share my love of reading and writing gives me a … Continue reading

War Memorial Museum Visit

A visit to the War Memorial Museum in Auckland was long overdue when I ventured there last week. It has been years since I last visited. Within moments I regretted this. What an amazing place full of interesting items. It would have been easy to spend a whole day or even longer there, but the visit was limited to only hours. My visit coincided with the exhibition “Voyage to Aotearoa: Tupaia and the Endeavour”. Most of the afternoon was spent … Continue reading

A Proud Moment

It was a very proud moment and an honour to attend a function at St John’s Theological College recently. The occasion was the College’s annual Powhiri which among other highlights included the graduation of our son with his Diploma in Christian Studies. This is the beginning of a long period of study he intends to continue. I hope the next few years will go as well for him as last year did. It was a hot and muggy day on … Continue reading

Weather Can Be Cruel

Weather Can Be Cruel when we least expect it. Like now. Its summertime. Sunshine, blue skies, bbqs and beach visits. In the northern half of New Zealand we’re okay. Although we do face drought conditions. The days are hot and muggy and yes, to my mind, beautiful. But then, I love the heat. If the temperatures sneak up above “normal”, I hope I never complain. However in the southern reaches of our lovely island nation, the weather has taken a … Continue reading

Globe Theatre

Our daughter gave us tickets to the pop up Globe Theatre as a Christmas present. I’d never been since it had “popped up” in Auckland five years ago. My daughter and her family have attended regularly and urged me to give it a try. Shakespearean plays never excited me so I had my doubts. Particularly as the play we were to see was Romeo and Juliet. I understand my likely enjoyment – or not – was the subject of a … Continue reading